Clinton’s Secret Exposed! Epstein Visited His WH At Least 17 Times!

Bill Clinton’s dirty secret has been exposed, and the latest report claim that the billionaire and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein visited his WH at least 17 times in 199s.

The Daily Mail reported that Epstein entered Bill Clinton’s WH on 14 different days, making even two visits in one day on three various occasions.

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Epstein killed himself in August 2019 in prison while he was waiting for his sex charges. However, from the records, we can see that he was invited to the WH by some of Clinton’s senior advisers and aides. Epstein went to the West Wing; he met with Clinton.

We know that Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet many times. The last revelation shows that these two men were friends.

After the suicide, Clinton claimed that he didn’t know anything about his friend’s crimes.

“I invest in people – be it politics or science,” Epstein reportedly told his friends. “It’s what I do.”
Maxwell was also accused of acting as Epstein’s procurer from 1994 to 2004; at that time, her friends were the most powerful men in the world.

Currently, Maxwell is on trial for recruiting these young girls for sex with Epstein and even her involvement in the abuse.

“They would sort of name-drop or sometimes put people on speakerphone whose voices I didn’t know and then say, ‘Oh, well, this was so-and-so and so-and-so,’ and would say that they were very well-connected and affluent,” the accuser said. “It made me feel slightly intimidated. It was overwhelming. I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel about it.”

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