Hillary Clinton On Notice: John Durham Declares “Active, Ongoing CRIMINAL Investigation”

This means nothing but bad news for Hillary, who was expecting to see more bright days in her washed-up political career.

But she’ll probably see only darkness up ahead. And she’s the one that put it on her road.

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Durham is approaching the truth slowly. But’s he’s getting there alright.

After a slow start, the Durham investigation is finally getting interesting.

According to legal experts familiar with Durham’s work, this appears to be indicative that Durham intends to present charges against people… including people high up the chain.

At least one testimony has already happened behind closed doors.

“The government’s criminal investigation into former Perkins Coie partner and Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann isn’t over yet,” The Epoch Times also confirmed in their report.

This was revealed in Jan. 25 court filings from special counsel John Durham, who’s investigating the origins of the Russia probe that plagued the presidency of Donald Trump.

According to Durham, “Sussmann worked with a group of individuals to devise allegations regarding a purported secret communications channel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank. Sussmann pleaded guilty on Sept. 17 on a single-count charge of lying to the FBI.

Durham on Jan. 25 said that the “government also maintains an active, ongoing criminal investigation of the defendant’s conduct and other matters.”

Durham’s filing was made in response to objections defense attorneys have about the timeliness of him providing discovery materials.

With trial set for May 16, U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper ordered the government on Dec. 14 to provide all unclassified discovery to Sussmann by Jan. 28, and all classified material by Feb. 11.

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