CLASSIFIED: UFO Fired 4 Times At A US Nuclear Missile Launched From a Secret Base

Ex-US Air Force First lieutenant Robert Jacobs has been struggling with UFOs since back in the day – and nobody believed him! But, recent revelations have appeared, proving his words to be true.

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He claimed to have seen a UFO firing four light beams at a nuclear missile undergoing testing on Thursday, Oct. 21.

And also, he claimed to have seen a flying saucer, appearing as a UFO during a test flight in California back in 1964.

In 1964, he said a UFO-like flying saucer circled the fake warhead during a test flight in California.

He’s also a professor at Bradley University and has a Ph.D. He testified alongside other former American air force chiefs about how aliens tampered with weapons systems during tests, at nuclear bases, and even shut down missiles.

Giving his testimony at the National Press Club in Washington DC, he said: “I was part of a U.S. Airforce cover-up. It was shaped like a flying saucer and was firing a beam of light at our warhead.”

Dr. Jacobs said he was summoned to Major Florence J Mansmann’s office the next day, where three men in grey suits stood, whom he later alleged were CIA agents, reported NY Post.

He said: “Major Mansmann said lieutenant, sit down and watch this. He turned the projector on and the most amazing thing happened.”

Dr. Jacobs continued: “We could see the bottom three stages of that rocket filling the frame from 160 miles away.”

“It was amazing, the clarity was beautiful and we watched it go through all three stages of powered flight.”

“The nose cone opened up, and radar chaff, aluminum foil, spread out.

“We were testing to see if we could launch a nuclear warhead into orbit, slightly above the nuclear trash so that the Russians would aim their anti-missile missiles at the garbage, and our miniature warhead would fly over and obliterate Moscow.”

That was the game we were playing. Horrifying to think about it in retrospect.”

“Then it flew out of the frame the same way it had come in. At that point, the warhead tumbled out of space.”

“The light came on, and Major Mansmann and the two guys in grey suits looked at me, and the major said, ‘were you guys screwing around up there (at camera site)? I said, ‘no, sir.’”

“And he said ‘what was that?’ and I said it looks to me like we have a UFO.’”

But the baffled young lieutenant was ordered to belt up, or else.

Dr. Jacobs said: “He escorted me to his door and said I don’t need to remind you of the seriousness of the security breach. I said no sir.”

“But as I left, he leaned over to speak in my ear, as if to say something the guys in the suits couldn’t hear.”

“He said ‘lieutenant if you were ever tortured in the future, somebody has you up against the wall and they’re frying your privates with fire, you can tell them this, it was laser tracking.”

“But we never had laser tracking in 1964.”

He added: “What we are here today to tell you, is this is a real event that is the most important event in the history of mankind. We are not alone.”

In addition to Jacobs, several other veterans also share their UFO sighting secrets.

“I waited 40 years before I opened my mouth, and that’s a long time,” said David Schindele, a retired captain who served as a nuclear missile launch control officer at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. “I had this terrible secret on my mind for all that time, and I felt such great relief to finally admit to my friends and close relatives what I experienced in the Air Force.”

Ever since I was a little girl, I have believed in extraterrestrials, and I enjoyed watching movies and documentaries connected to them.

And it is VERY suspicious that in each movie, and TV series, the government is mentioned to be the “shield” between the extraterrestrials and us, mere human mortals, to meet and exchange information.

Now, why would that be? Any wild guesses?


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