Chuck Todd Finally Admits Biden Made a Mistake and Stops Blaming Trump

On Tuesday, NBC anchor Chuck Todd appeared on MSNBC to confess that the present crisis in Afghanistan will tarnish Biden’s image of competence.

“How did we end up here so surprised?” Hallie Jackson, the host, inquired. “Chuck, what does the government need to say to Afghans this morning?”

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“From the perspective of Afghans, how long will this process of evacuating Afghans persist, and how open will we be to getting more Afghans out who want to leave?” “What are we going to do with them?” Todd was the one who responded. “How is the procedure carried out? Is it true that we’re slashing red tape? “It’s all of those things.

He went on to say, “The real long-term question is why were we so unprepared for this moment?” “You can’t help but arrive at two opposing theories. I don’t know if we’ll ever get a satisfactory answer, but I believe it stems from a combination of the president having made up his mind about which direction he was going before taking the oath of office, and the Pentagon, I believe, always thinking they could buy more time and, for whatever reason, didn’t plan for every contingency.”

“You have to wonder, how did the orderly part of this go wrong?” Todd remarked. “I believe the most significant political effect is incompetence. During the campaign, Joe Biden’s greatest asset against Donald Trump was the fact that he was a Democrat.

Todd attempted to blame President Trump for the situation just days before this new narrative emerged.

According to Fox News, Todd stated on Sunday, “It’s fairly clear this would have been just as awful, if not worse, under what Trump wants to do.” “By Christmas, he planned to have everyone out. Perhaps he would have done that if he had gained re-election.”

Chuck obviously recognized how ridiculous that sounded and is now blaming the person who started it all: Joe Biden.

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