Chuck Grassley: A Document Exposing More Of Hunter’s Biz Connections

The Biden family has a long history of notorious crimes against them. But Hunter Biden’s definitely their one of a kind jewel in the field.

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Thanks to a new book called “Laptop from Hell” by Miranda Devine, Americans are getting a fresh look at the man President Biden helped raise, Hunter Biden.

“Although the White House claims that President Biden was ignorant in his son’s dealings, Hunter had an impressive career in helping China. He was a founding board member for an investment business that helped a Chinese company secure one of the richest cobalt mines in the Congo. And if you were wondering, before the Chinese got their hands on it thanks to Hunter Biden, it was owned by an American corporation,” Red Voice Media reported earlier.

But the entire thing goes way deeper!

A report brought forward to the public explains that Hunter Biden was involved in a $3.8 billion deal for one of the world’s largest cobalt deposits. And again, another key player in that purchase was a Chinese conglomerate. Cobalt is a metal used in electric cars batteries. Yup. The ones Daddy is pushing forward!!!

And while the business dealings of Hunter go further, Senator Chuck Grassley spoke on the Senate floor yesterday. He demanded that the Democrats stop shying away from the President’s son and open an investigation.

“The signature box includes Hunter Biden, two of his companies, and individuals connected to the Communist Chinese regime. These are the main companies that Hunter Biden and his associate used to funnel money all over the world.”

Poor us, thinking we could invest and succeed out of the blue…


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