Chris Wallace Slams Juan Williams When He Compares Cuomo To Trump

Former President Donald Trump “went uninvestigated,” according to Fox News host Chris Wallace and contributor Juan Williams.

On Sunday, Fox News host Chris Wallace mocked a contributor named Juan Williams for attempting to equate sexual harassment claims against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to those leveled against Donald Trump.

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Williams made his remarks to Wallace during a debate about Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s numerous allegations.

See the video below to learn more.

Wallace started by asking the panel if Cuomo had a way forward, given the allegations that he fudged the numbers of nursing home deaths linked to the COVID pandemic to make his administration look stronger, as well as numerous sexual assault allegations.

Governor Cuomo’s resignation or impeachment has been demanded by members of both political parties.

Wallace began by saying:

“They say liberals were much too slow to recognize that Cuomo made a serious mistake when he issued this directive that seniors in nursing — or in hospitals should be sent back to nursing homes, and then there’s the whole question of cooking the books, and they also point out that it wasn’t that long ago that liberals were saying, you know if a woman accuser comes forward — they’ll certainly say this about Brett Kavanaugh — she must be believed.”

Wallace said, “Now they’re a little slower to say that, they’re a lot slower, when it comes to Andrew Cuomo.”

Wallace said, “Now they’re a little slower to say that, they’re a lot slower, when it comes to Andrew Cuomo.”

Juan Williams of Fox News admitted that Cuomo’s nursing home policy had resulted in a higher number of deaths, but questioned whether the governor had done anything illegal.

Williams said, “I think that’s just poor decision-making.” “I don’t believe there was anything wrong done, and obviously people died, and there is a horrible price to pay for all families who have lost a loved one, but it was a choice.”

Williams said, “I’m always curious as to what exactly someone might claim was done illegally.”

Williams then suggested that there was a stronger argument against Cuomo in the sexual assault allegations leveled against him.

“You’re seeing a lot of Democrats who, in my opinion, are opposed to Governor Cuomo getting a fourth term because they see him as a tyrant who has run them over,” Williams said.

“I still wouldn’t say I see any impartial prosecution of Donald Trump,” Williams said, “because he faced even more severe allegations of sexual harassment, you know, far more than that, and I don’t see those kinds of calls coming from Republicans.”

“Well, yeah, but on the other hand, I don’t think we should claim that Donald Trump went uninvestigated over the course of his four years in the presidency between the special counsel and two impeachments,” Wallace said, laughing.

Though Trump has never been the subject of an independent legal inquiry, he has been the subject of several media investigations.



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