Chris Wallace Has No Idea What Future Will Bring After The Sudden Shutdown Of CNN+

Despite CNN+’s sudden demise, leading anchor Chris Wallace stated that he has no idea what the future holds for him, but that he is “in terrific shape whether it’s at CNN or someplace else.”

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“Are there already too many news sources to choose from, and have the days of streaming already passed?” After learning of CNN+’s demise, Jacqueline Adams, a former CBS News correspondent inquired.

Wallace exclaimed, “Wow, that was quick.” In the last week, I’ve been a victim of all of this, which is interesting.

A “wise person” like Jeff Zucker told him that when he got to CNN+, “people aren’t buying these large, expensive 50-channel cable deals anymore,” thus streaming was the way of the future of journalism.

According to Wallace, “the notion was you have to gain a presence in the stream world, because that’s where [news] outside the mainstream networks is.” Some similarly knowledgeable individuals have now arrived with a diametrically opposed viewpoint, and these are the new CNN+ managers as a result of [the Warner Bros. Discovery deal], who believe that a narrowly focused product, such as a news streaming service, will fail.

I have no idea which is right or wrong, but the folks in charge of the Discovery Channel made the decision,” Wallace remarked.

“A number of streaming services including Netflix [are] determining that maybe you need a cheaper service where you do have to pay a monthly cost but you’re going to have commercials as well,” he said, citing ABC, CBS, and NBC as examples.

The “Squid Game” won’t be the only thing you can watch for an hour straight, he promised.

Wallace replied he had no idea what he wanted to accomplish in the future when asked. You have no idea how shocked I was when I heard about it on Thursday. There are some things I need to take care of for a few days,” Wallace added.

“I can assure you that everything will be OK. That goes without saying,” he continued, “whether it’s here at CNN or somewhere else. The people on my team and the hundreds of others are what I’m most worried about right now.” Because, well, I believe there were 300 employees employed by CNN+ at the time. There were some who had left CNN to go to streaming, and others who had moved across the nation.”

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