Chris Sky’s Red Alert Warning Of What’s Coming!

How can he know> How can he be so sure? And yet – his foretellings are coming true!

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Though Chris Sky is not presenting himself as a prophet, he might be one (though not knowing it yet). Or he’s some super-secret intelligence agent working undercover…

The truth can be both. But for now, this is how the Internet, or the World Wide Web represents him:

“Chris Sky is a motivational speaker and the world’s most prolific human rights advocate. His vast knowledge and articulate delivery are second to none when it comes to examining and presenting the facts to find the truth. The truth that is intentionally kept hidden from you. Chris Sky not only provides the knowledge to assert your rights and preserve your freedoms. He leads by example and puts his very life on the line, every day. His mission to help and educate others has seen him targeted and persecuted by our own government in previously unspeakable ways, which are now becoming commonplace as our country and much of the world slide steadily towards tyranny.

Chris has been the victim of personal and even physical attacks. His message of truth and advocating for basic human rights has made him a target of our government. Placed on the “no-fly list” and having his verified Instagram of almost 250,000 followers disabled. Even his personal website was removed the very first day it was published! All attempts to de-platform him and to stifle free speech were ultimately carried out to violate and suppress the rights of all of us. is here to provide you the knowledge and courage you need to preserve your future.”

Are you curious???


Ava Garcia

A small town girl, dreaming big, expecting to change the world with presenting the truthful events of the world today. Law degree with a master in criminology, and a devoted journalist for over 7 years, and counting. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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