Chinese Communist Party Doesn’t Want To Hear This!!!

CCP is afraid of this scenario even more than the growing popularity of traditional culture. New York-based Shen Yun aims to revive 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, an ancient culture focused on harmony between heaven, earth, and humankind. Precisely this is what the CCP is trying to destroy.

“This is blacklisted. This is the biggest threat to the Chinese Communist Party,” stated Jared Madsen, Yun’s emcees. “If people believe there’s something beyond the Chinese Communist Party, they believe there’s something higher … that’s a major threat to the Chinese Communist Party.”

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CCP did everything in its power, slashing Yun’s tour bus tries, hiring hordes of internal trolls to ruin its reputation via social media, having Chinese consulates write letters to officials that Yun’s performance would destroy relations with them in China, etc. The interference is occurring for more than a decade, and everything is documented.

Maybe the measures are extreme; Yun is not a political show. His performance is a classical Chinese dance of ethnic and folks Chinese dances, bel canto solos, and an orchestra blending Eastern and Western traditions.

“Fundamentally, the Chinese Communist Party is an atheist regime. Shen Yun reflects 5,000 years of Chinese culture, and Chinese culture is rooted in divine thought—all different types of divine thought: Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism—that goes directly against the atheist principles of communism,” Madsen added.

The CCP is panicking because he is presenting China before communism! Everyone love that!

What is Traditional Culture?

Among the CCP methods to discredit Shen Yun is to make their performing groups and to send them worldwide.

“They created all these companies … that they sent to the U.S. Now, have you heard of any of these?” Madsen said. “No, because they weren’t very good. Why? Because no one wants to see communist propaganda.” Lately, the party’s methods have evolved, and they are about traditional culture promotion and highlighting the classical dance.

“When they do talk about traditional Chinese culture, they use it to try to promote communism. I mean here, we see right through it, like ‘this is propaganda, and nobody wants to watch this,” Madsen added.

Huang Peng is a violinist and vocalist together with Yun, and he shared that the life of the artist in China and America was different, like day and night. He was a prestigious violinist. He educated himself under his father, and he auditioned into a philharmonic orchestra, where he was accepted.

In 1999, the CCP started a persecutory campaign against Falun Gong, ordering to ruin the livelihood and reputations of those who refused to give up. Pang was among the 100 million Chinese who moved on after the spiritual practice that teaches truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. He didn’t give up his faith and remained the same with his colleagues. He continued to treat everyone with respect, kindness.

Huang spoke about Gong to his fellow musicians, but his colleague reported him to the police. The police took him into custody for 24 hours, awake. They also arrested his mother for nothing. Furthermore, Huang refused to give up on his faith, so they fired him.

In the beginning, he wanted to move into another city and start all over, but at the airport, he saw he was blacklisted, so he was again detained. Later, he was in a transformation class, ready for brainwashing, so he didn’t want to go outside for two months.

Numerous pieces of evidence circle about the CCP’s torture and organ harvesting of Chinese people. However, Huang’s torture was psychological, spiritual. He later signed the testimony: “After returning home, it felt like there was a knife in my heart,” he did something against his will.

The following two years were hectic. His regret didn’t stop him. So, Huang learned how to produce fliers that contained the truth about Gong and taught others to do the same thing. Again, he put his life in danger and increased the risk of another arrest.

“In mainland China, the state won’t allow people who practice Falun Gong to perform on stage. But here, we have freedom of belief. I think this is so important, as an artist,” he stated.

“Shen Yun’s mission is to revive China’s 5,000 years of traditional culture,” he said. “It is a divinely inspired culture and a divine message. And it is a message of kindness, which can move people’s hearts.”

The Truth Wins Out!

Yun was created by a group of artists who left China, who were in the U.S., simply from people who cannot stay in their mother country.

Regardless of CCP’s strong influence in China, Yun was a worldwide phenomenon.

“I remember there was one night, I believed in 2009, when we had three companies, and I got a phone call,” Madsen said. “All three shows were sold out. That was the point. From that moment forward, we usually sold out every show.”

“The production value is incredibly high,” Madsen said. “That alone, this is a show you can really get immersed in.”

“There’s this constant human pursuit of something greater, something bigger, something better—not just that, something deeper, something higher. All of that. It all comes together,” he said. “And our show really brings that out and brings that to life.”

“It really goes beyond a cultural show. It’s these deep values and deep principles,” he said.

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