China Presses W.H.O. To Run Their Global “Vaccine Passport” Program

The Chinese nation restlessly works, from day to day, making their progress and leading innovations. But  are they always for the good of the people?

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The latest possible threat to civil rights and basic human rights is once again developed by the Chinese Communist Party experts. They are trying to push and run a global database for vaccine passports for each person that has received the Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

“The Communist Party launched its domestic “vaccine passport” system Wednesday, despite W.H.O. officials urging countries not to implement such a system due to unequal access to vaccines and the variety in the quality of the available offerings around the world,” a WHO report stated.

“The “vaccine passport” — A digital certification that confirms a person has received a coronavirus vaccination — joins China’s larger “social credit system,” which judges every citizen and awards them numerical “scores” based on how much the Party approves of their behavior. The behavior judged can vary from littering and volunteering, which result in respectively lower or higher social credit scores, to the display of public opinions either in favor or against the Communist Party.”

The Chinese have done this in their own country – preventing their citizens from purchasing airplanes, trains, or any other kind of public transportation tickets unless they get a vaccine passport. A

And they’re trying to push this legislation in the entire world since they’re the leading vaccine producers at the time.

“Chinese experts noted on Tuesday that China can help by sharing its experience with and provide technical support to the WHO to organize the issue,” China’s newspaper, Global Times reported, “as China is the most experienced country in using a health code system in the world while the WHO is the most proper organizer for the matter to ensure independence, fairness and data security.”

“In terms of technology, I believe that Chinese companies can build an international platform in just one week,” the leader of a Chinese organization identified as the “Information Consumption Alliance,” insisted. “The WHO can draft the rules, procedures and data format. China is very willing to provide support in sharing experience and techniques in setting up such a platform as the country has rich experience in this.”

They further claim that they’ve been doing increased surveillance on their citizens the past few years, which didn’t bring to leakage of information or other kinds of abuse of information. Thus, they ensure to bring “guarantee public trust,” if their program is supported globally.

However, the global push for “vaccine passport” programs met with rigid denial from the World Health Organization. This Monday in a public appearance,  Dr. Michael Ryan, the director of the W.H.O. Health Emergencies Program warned about the “real practical and ethical considerations” urging the countries not to consider this, at least at the moment, while other considerations are being made.

“Vaccination is just not available enough around the world and is not available certainly on an equitable basis,” Ryan contended, which would lead to “inequity and unfairness … further branded into the system.”

Human rights activists all around the world have warned and protested regarding this specific thing –  that China would try to use the social credit system to globally “limit the rights of political dissidents, religious groups, and others considered a threat to communism, rather than just individuals with records of crime.”



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