Child Saving Doctor TARGETED

Medical establishments and the government are after him – he’s considered a dissident from his medical field of practice.

Because actually and honesty wishing to help!

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The original and awesome Stew Peters reported the story in the first place.

“Our next guest is named Doctor Paul Thomas, but you can just call him Dr. Paul. He’s treated more than ten thousand children over the past three decades, and has also raised nine children of his own. He’s published two books as well, but now the authorities are looking to end his career permanently because of his dissent from party orthodoxy on vaccinations.

Doctor Paul doesn’t reject vaccines. He simply promotes an alternative, delayed vaccination schedule. Dr. Paul conducted his own real-world study where he says children on his delayed vaccination schedule turned out healthier than children following the CDC’s guidelines. Instead of thanking Dr. Paul, or at least double-checking his work, the Oregon Medical Board retaliated against him for going against “the science,” which these days just means a dogmatic medical ideology based on received scripture rather than evidence-based medicine. The Board suspended Dr. Paul’s license, which instantly destroyed his livelihood: He lost his medical contracts, his hospital admitting privileges, his ability to treat patients or earn any kind of living. The board also tried to force Dr. Paul to turn over the names and birthdays of the children in his study, in flagrant violation of medical ethics.”

Paul responded to his suspension by launching his own medical program, “Against the Wind.” He’s amassed more than one and a half million subscribers on YouTube.

Due to this, he’ll be facing a two-week trial this January where he could lose his license permanently.

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