Chicago Public Schools Requirements: A Separate Transgender Bathroom To Be Included In K12 Schools!

Parent’s oppositions to these crazy ideas we’re treated by an act of domestic terrorism by our very clever and prosperous Government.

Thus, this is the response to it…

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More inclusive bathrooms seem to be the next big thing. Chicago Public Schools have gotten on board with the bathroom nonsense as it relates to letting biological boys into girls’ restrooms, and vice versa.

“One change that will be implemented this school year relates to our school bathrooms. In compliance with new federal guidelines, all CPS students and staff will have fair and equitable access to bathroom facilities that align with their gender identity,” CPS Office of Student Protections and District Title IX Officer Camie Pratt announced.

“We will be providing all schools with updated signage that makes our bathrooms more inclusive. It will identify the fixtures available in each restroom and make it clear that all restrooms are open for use by anyone who feels comfortable.”

Well, I’ll just point out to one of the many things that could go wrong with this idea.

Earlier this year, a teenage girl was raped in her high school’s bathroom by a male student wearing a skirt in Loudoun County, Virginia. But obviously, the rape of a female student here and there is a small price to pay in order to appease aspiring bathroom invaders…

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