Chevy Chase Creates Hilarious Viral Video That Reminds Everyone of Biden Without Saying a Single Word

Don’t you long for the days of Saturday Night Live?

Back when it was truly amusing, with guests like John Belushi and Chevy Chase, and nothing was excessively political, just light-hearted fun?

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That was back in the day.

SNL has now devolved into an awful, cringeworthy DNC SuperPAC — just another entity that succumbed to Stage 5 TDS and plummeted into oblivion.

But, worry not, certain flashes of brilliance from the past still make their way through these gloomy commie days…

And one of those moments recently came from Chevy Chase, who produced the cutest little video that went viral online – and the best part is that he doesn’t say anything.

However, have a look at this and tell me who it reminds you of…

He enjoys sniffing women of all ages.

The following is a link to a video:

I’m glad to see Chevy again, and I enjoy his self-deprecating wit.

We need more of these because everyone is always so “offended” and tense.


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