Chelsea’s Clinton Wedding Photo Viral Once More – All The Wrong Reasons

The picture where Bill Clinton takes Chelsea to the altar looks odd and went viral for all the wrong reasons. ONCE MORE!

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“Chelsea Clinton allegedly turned a blind eye to Ghislaine Maxwell’s close ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to a shocking new report,” The Sun wrote in their original report on the story.

“Doug Band, who was one of former President Bill Clinton’s closest aides and confidants, says Chelsea hung out with Maxwell to get “access to the billionaire’s yachts and homes.”

The startling revelations – including Band’s allegation that Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s private island – are in a new Vanity Fair article from special correspondent Gabriel Sherman.

Band also said that Chelsea had ties to Epstein and his alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell.”

Here’s what folks online said about the photo:

“Do all those conspiracy theories about pizza restaurants sound so silly now? ;)”

“It’s about her wedding gown and how she got it”

“Americas Dark Secrets getting exposed day by day and still people are not waking up “

“Yes, you should always invite the madam who fetches you underage trim to your daughter’s wedding”

“Notice how all the Trump photos with him are at public gatherings and parties where there could be hundreds of people and constant random photo opportunities? Yet the ones with Clintons are literally on the plane and personal private events like weddings?”

““Keep your friends close and friends with dirt on you even closer.”

“the wedding paid for by funds that were meant to help the people of Haiti”

“I think Clinton in a dress on Epstein’s wall got more coverage than this picture ever did”

“Any bets Epstein was sitting next to her?”

“It’s 1 big club and thank the good lord you’re not invited”

“You are the company that you keep.”

“Aisle seats are always reserved for the closest friends and family”

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