Chelsea Clinton Takes It Hard While Her Mother’s Being Mentioned As A Joke

Chelsea clearly regrets logging-on to social media today…

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As if being the daughter of the most notorious President in America’s modern-day history wasn’t hard enough, she was reminded about the not-so-good things her mother was into back in the days…

Why did this photo of Hillary in a low-income apartment trigger Chelsea so much?

It’s a funny photo, and Hilary looks absolutely amazed and stiff. I bet she’s thinking – ‘How do people actually live here?!’

That’s why it has been used in many memes circling the web lately.

However, Liberals get really pissed when the joke’s on them. And they want to make fun of President Trump, even ban him on social media so he couldn’t fight back?!

Thankfully, there’s a “silent guard” defending his name.

And this is the Chelsea Twitter comment.


Here’s what she said: “Meghan & Caleb – I don’t even think about a single photo of my mom once a week (& there would be millions to chose from!). It’s an image from 2016 when she visited @NYCHA building to pledge more funding for public housing, including to remove mold, like in the apartment pictured. ”

and this guy nailed her to the wall!


But, guess what? Those apartment buildings were never even close to being fixed!

as a matter of fact, this is an article we found on PIX11:

“It was a rally and prayer service led by a group called Occupy NYCHA inside the lobby of the Corsi Houses in Harlem Tuesday.” 82-year-old Mabel Scott’s bathroom was literally falling apart, and after she died, her nephew, Ronald Topping shared the story with PIX11 – “It’s my mothers dying wish to take care of Mabel,” said Topping holding back tears.

Earth to Hillary – when are you actually planning to invest those “funds” you promised back in the days?! It has already passed, like, what – 5 years?! 


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