Charlie Kirk Exposed The Reason Why Gates And China Buy US Farmland!

Bill Gates bought 3,000 more acres of farmland in North Dakota, a purchase cleared by the North Dakota AG, regardless that it raised questions about his intentions.

Red China also has been buying US farmland, and the US allows the enemy to engage in purchasing its arable land.

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Why the Red Chinese and Bill Gates are buying America’s most fertile land in massive quantities?

Charlie Kirk raised the question of why Mr. World Economic Forum and his friends in Red China are allowed to gobble up America’s adorable land.

North Dakota has some of the most amazing patriots on the planet, but why is North Dakota allowing themselves to be taken over by the World Economic Forum and by the Chinese communist party?”

“The Chinese are buying up farmland all across America. Do you know that the Chinese own 100 million acres of farmland? Do you know that according to sources in Texas, the own Chinese dozens of square miles of farmland, and they don’t allow anyone to come in.” it added.

“So the Chinese communist party buying up farmland all across America because they know that our ability to produce food, the bread basket of the world, is one of our strategic advantages. It’s something that many countries — it’s an envy of the world!”

“So what do we do? Well, it’s the free market. We allow our enemy to come in and buy our farmland. That then very well could result in food shortages, but it’s not just the Chinese.

Bill Gates wins legal approval to buy huge swath of North Dakota farmland worth $13.5 million dollars. Why is Bill Gates buying up all this farmland? Why is North Dakota allowing Bill Gates to own farmland?

“Shouldn’t they say here, ‘Actually, you’re not welcome here, Bill Gates.’ Well, largely because the governor of North Dakota [Doug Burgum] is very close with Bill Gates. They worked together in Microsoft. They have homes together in the Yellowstone Club, which is like a ruling class — actually really nice, I’ve been there. Ruling class kind of area in Big Sky, Montana. They’re best buddies!” Kirk proclaimed.

“So come on CCP, come buy up North Dakota. Come on, Bill Gates, come on, buy up North Dakota! Gates is the single largest owner of farmland in the United States. Do you know that Bill Gates owns 270,000 acres of farmland? Now why would Bill Gates do that?

“Because Bill Gates knows that there’s a currency collapse coming and that whoever owns the food supply is gonna be rich. That if the currency collapses, then it’s gonna be about a barter system and restructuring, whatever new currency comes in. Well, if you own farmland, you’re gonna be very rich. He owns 270,000 acres!”

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