CDC Predicts 15,600 Deaths Per Week In The USA! But Says Deaths Are From The C-19 Virus Not From The Vaccines!

There are more coronavirus cases in the UK than ever before. It is set to break the record in the upcoming days and weeks as the new mutation of C-19 spike proteins starts to take hold of the population. The CDC projects new 16,600 deaths per week in the US, as the vaccinated population, fills the hospitals. Maybe they are preparing us for a round of isolation, disease, and withheld treatments.

The CDC blames the deaths and the hospitalizations on the C-19 virus and the unvaccinated population.

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The CDC still fools the people with fraudulent PCR tests and destructive genetic experiments.
In the C-19 scandal, the CDC approved the PCR tests with a high cycle threshold that cannot make a difference between the non-infectious viral debris and a real, symptom-specific respiratory illness.

For some reason, states are utilizing these PCR tests as the basis for all their data surrounding C-19 while using the fraudulent results as a way to deprive people of their civil liberties.

The medical fraud was compounded by the CDC’s new PCR testing rule.

The C-19 cases could be fraudulently counted in the unvaccinated using high cycle thresholds over 28, which are almost guaranteed to deliver a false positive.

The PCR tests, which cannot distinguish different types of C-19 strains and they will continue to be used in a coercive manner, totally up droves of false positives.

‘’ But the real statistic to watch for is the surge in DEATH that continues to take place in fully-vaccinated populations. The CDC predicts a 73 percent surge in death over the Christmas weekend, and it is projected to be a problem witnessed mostly in fully vaccinated communities.’’ Natural News reported.

All of the 930 conformed omicron cases at Cornell University are among the fully vaccinated population. The entire campus is 97% vaccinated.

The CDC projects that more than 15,600 Americans will die from the new variant during the week that ends on January 8. The CDC predicted 18,400 hospitalizations and 1,228 deaths.

Take a look at the video below.

Dr. Gregory Poland from the Mayo Clinic stated, “We do so little sequencing that we really don’t have a good idea of omicron epidemiology at the local level.”

He said that there are 100 cases of Omicron for everyone that is sequenced. The only means that all upcoming hospitalizations and deaths can be recoded as C-19 without a confirmation.

Vaccine injuries and diseases will be blamed on the C-19 and the vaccinated population.

Dr. Poland said that the vaccines wouldn’t protect people from the virus.

‘’ The CDC reported that only 16.5 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated now. More people are thinking twice before taking another booster. Early data shows that the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine and Pfizer mRNA are not effective against the mutant strain.’’ The natural news concluded.

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