CDC Lies About C-19 Shot Safety! 15 People Die For Every Saved Life!

The CDC and the FDA still claim that the vaccine is safe and effective, even though we are constantly witnessing a new high death rate as a side effect of the vaccine. The VAERS reports a considerable number of side reactions of the vaccine, and these two are constantly ignoring that data. 

According to them, the propensity to report is higher this year, and all the events are reporting background events that weren’t caused by the C-19 vaccines. 

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The problem is that there’s a CDC paper proving they’re lying. 

Whatever they claim, they can’t prove how so many people have died after getting the vaccine. The data doesn’t explain their hypothesis. 

The vaccines are indeed hazardous, and they will kill 15x more people than they would save. The governments have to halt them immediately. 

The CDC paper 

We have reached the paper written by five CDC experts and authors. They report on the sensitivity of the VAERS for anaphylaxis and Guillain-Barre syndrome, released one year ago. 

The paper stated that severe side reactions had been reported by at most a factor of 8.3 URF. That signifies that in the best case, a reporting rate of severe side effects is 8.3x higher than the reported rate ‘’ for that symptom could be safely ignored as simply due to a higher propensity to report the naturally occurring rate of background events.’’

The URF should be theoretically below one. However, that’s impossible because the HHS verifies all records before being put in the database and eliminates duplicates. Some mistakes may occur, but only a minor ones. 

This year, the problem is that with the C-19 vaccines, a massive number of severe side effects were at a rate higher than 8.3x. Every reaction was elevated from the previous year by more than this. No one from the FDA And CDC has seen this; once they realize the mistakes, maybe everything will be improved. 

How do you explain the rates of pulmonary embolism?

The most severe side effect was a pulmonary embolism. 

The number of reports of PE annually in VAERS was 1.4. With the pandemic, we could expect approximately 11.6 PE in the worst scenario. But, with the C-19 vaccines, there were 1,131 reports, a 100-fold increase over the ‘’best-case’’ scenario. 

Furthermore, the increase didn’t happen due to the vaccination for people suffering from cognitive dissonance syndrome. Shortly said, for those who believe the FDA and CDC, the URFF 1 this year still means that 99% of the reports of PE are unexplainable. 

If the vaccines didn’t cause it, then what? It’s unexplainable. 

We kill 15 people to save one, maybe. Are we nuts? 

If we move on with the same methodology by the CDC to see the underreporting factor for this year, but we use a much more accurate reference, we can conclude that the best estimate for the minimum URF is 41. 

It means that the vaccine inventor, Fauci, and the rest of the company, killed more than 150,000 Americans. The paper also details seven different ways that the number was validated and non of those methods used the VAERS data at all. The people can’t attack the analysis credibly. 

Pfizer’s Phase study proved that we save one death for every 22,000 people we vaccinate. In America, we have 220M vaccinated individuals, and we saved 10,000 lives from COVID. 

In other words, we killed 15 people for every COVID life we might save. 

Vaccine mandates are immoral and unethical. 

An inconvenient truth: vaccine-induced myocarditis is neither rare nor mild 

When we are talking about URF to the myocarditis data, we can conclude that myocarditis in the past was rare and is now a joint side event. 

The CDC data and applying the correct URF for 16-year-old males, the rate of myocarditis is 1 in 317. 

If they say that the myocarditis was mild, it’s a lie. The cardiologists such as Peter McCullough say that there is no such thing as mild myocarditis. If you suffer something similar, then something is wrong, and that’s a severe problem. 

‘’ Unlike a heart attack, the levels are much higher, and they stay elevated for much longer. The damage done is usually permanent, and it may lead to loss of life within five years. Of course, nobody knows the death rate in 5 years. We’ll find out in 5 years. Our kids are enrolled in the clinical trial of this by getting vaccinated, but we don’t notify the parents of this.’’ The Expose reported. 

There are thousands of elevated events.

There are thousands of elevated symptoms. Maybe they won’t kill you, but you could be disabled permanently. 

These are the medications taken daily by a person who was injured permanently from the vaccine. 

Censorship has replaced scientific debate. 

Such a thing is embarrassing for the CDC, FDA, Congress, MSM, etc. Precisely because of this, nobody wants to debate on this topic. 

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