CDC Called Out For C-19 Statistical Manipulation Because Lawmakers Press For Grand Jury Investigation!

After two years of panic spreading, the CDC was finally called out by lawmakers pressing for grand jury investigation for the statistical manipulation by the public health body!

Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum, the Oregon State Senators, filed a grand jury petition to investigate the CDC’s unlawful ‘hyperinflation of death certificate reporting.’ John Solomon reported on this issue.
The petition was launched in mid-August, but the announcement was prolonged until the middle of September, aiming to protect the involved.

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“The project has been a months-in-the-making combined effort between scientific, legal, and public policy experts,” SHF’s release noted. “The letter, submitted exactly one month prior to public release to protect those involved, was addressed to the Honorable Scott E. Asphaug, U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon, which stated”:

What we have learned is worthy of independent State and/or Special Federal Grand Jury Investigation from our vantage point as elected state policy makers. Pursuant to 18 U.S. Code § 3332 – Powers and Duties and the case law cited within the Formal Grand Jury Petition, we respectfully request that the petition and preliminary supportive documentation be presented to the members of the grand jury we are petitioning for immediate deliberation. Public trust in elected officials, the Oregon Health Authority, and our ability to lead the resilient people of Oregon through this crisis has been eroded to an all-time low. The peoples’ trust in their ability to participate in their own governance and be heard by their elected officials is perhaps the most essential element for a thriving free and healthy society. As elected officials it is our sworn duty to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Oregon, the tenets of Informed Consent, and honor our legal obligation to comply with 18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony. We are fulfilling our duty by calling for a Special Federal Grand Jury Investigation, or at the very least an independent state district-led grand jury investigation convened by a judge, into the issues and evidentiary materials presented.”

Kim Thatcher argued the justifications for the formal investigation, and in addition, you can read what he said:
Dennis Linthicum stated that the CDC manipulated the data:

“Federal agencies like the CDC have committed atrocities in the name of ‘public health,’ resulting in extensive collateral damage that transformed society in ways that we are still grappling to understand,” Thatcher said in an official statement. “The CDC’s unlawful and questionable changes to death certificates related to COVID, the use of false-positive PCR tests and their callous indifference to individual rights—or science, for that matter—led to fraudulent data that was used to justify sweeping policy changes, not only in Oregon, but across the country.”

“I refuse to stand by and watch as our constitutional rights and liberties are endangered by oppressive agencies, which is why I have chosen to take part in this effort to bring forth a petition for a grand jury investigation. Equal protection under the Constitution is still the right of every American,’ Thatcher added.

Stand for Health Freedom had several supporting docs to support his claims and a petition for signatures.
SHF emphasized the crucial points about the pandemic. For example, if CDC reports that 94% of C-19 related deaths had severe comorbidities, and the average death age is 78, how much of the human toll will be attributed to C-19, and how much should be attributed to old age?

It is the question ignored by the health organizations and the CDC. We ask for more attention and transparency! The investigation has to be performed!

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