CDC BOOSTED! The Unvaccinated In The US Is Millions More Than Reported!

We are constantly saying that the CDC is lying to the public about the coronavirus vaccines, supporting our claims with the data taken from VAERS.

The corporate media reported precisely the same thing! The CDC claims that the total amount of vaccinated people in the USA has been reported by millions.

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Bloomberg shared this story, but you can also read it on Yahoo News.

The U.S. government has overcounted the number of Americans who are at least partly vaccinated against the coronavirus, Bloomberg reports.

Why it matters: Millions more people than initially thought are unprotected as coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths are rising across the country.

Three states — Illinois, Pennsylvania and West Virginia — found enough over-counting of first shots to indicate millions of unvaccinated people had mistakenly been counted as having received a dose.

The corporate news quoted two state officials who confessed that the CDC’s data is worthless.

James Garrow, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, which has worked with the state to blend data sets for a more accurate view of vaccination trends, said “we don’t have any faith in the numbers on the CDC website, and we never refer to them.”

The truth is, we have no idea,” said Clay Marsh, West Virginia’s Covid czar.

The news emerged when The Expose shared a report that the UK government was lying about the unvaccinated population number and that instead of 5 million unvaccinated, there were 23. Million. That’s 40% of the population.

UK Government Caught Lying: 23.5 Million People in England Have NOT had a Single Dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine

NBA star Kyrie Irving refused to get vaccinated, and suddenly he’s welcomed back to the team. According to the team, because many of his vaccinated colleagues tested positive, so they needed his help.

Hold The Line: Unvaccinated NBA Star Kyrie Irving To Rejoin Brooklyn Nets

It’s not a coincidence! Why did they confess this?

I guess that this is their step to the next phase, where they would have to admit that there is a sizeable unvaccinated population. According to the officials, the unvaccinated created the Omicron variant, so I guess the next phase will start targeting the vaccine-hesitant population with a new tactic.

Operation Omicron: The Globalists are Preparing for Mass Murder in the Weeks Ahead

It is a sign that the mandates on vaccines will be broader and stricter.

Fifth Circuit overturns nationwide injunction on vaccine mandate for health care workers

Yesterday, the 6th US Circuit of Appeals ordered that the Biden admin’s vaccine mandate for private businesses with 100+ employees can take effect.

Appeals Court Allows Biden Private Business Covid-19 Vax Mandate To Take Effect, Setting Up Supreme Court Showdown

All appears that have reached the Supreme Court date have to respect the vaccine mandate because they will face huge fines.

Supreme Court Declines to Block New York COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

The Vaccine Cult Leaders have firm control over the orders, and they will set up new actions against the unvaccinated population that will most test the resolve of those who have not succumbed to their efforts so far.

The situation is going to become nasty!

The next phase of Operation Omicron expects the officials to inflict great casualties with their bioweapon, and their targets would be seniors and children.

We have to be prepared to fight!

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