CDC Advises To Get COVID-19 Vaccine ASAP In Case Of Hurricane Warning!

A huge part of hurricane preparedness is taking a coronavirus shot, shared the CDC.

The CDC shared that the crucial thing in hurricane preparedness is getting the coronavirus vaccine. They explained that “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages you to be prepared for hurricane season” and added that “Planning for hurricane season and other potential disasters may be stressful, and during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, it may be especially so.”

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The CDC also pointed out, “Your planning may be different this year because of the need to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.”

Later, the CDC shared an advice list for Americans in the hurricane’s susceptible zones. The first piece of advice is:

“Prepare for a hurricane, and the second is: “Get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you can. COVID-19 vaccines help protect you from getting sick or severely ill with COVID-19 and may also help protect people around you.”

For Americans in hurricane-prone areas to consent to one of the vaccines ranks about standard hurricane advice that was ranked highly important for centuries, stockpiling emergency supplies, creating a family disaster plan, evacuating, etc.

But, the last part, again, reminds us to get the vaccine. “When you check on neighbors and friends, be sure to follow social distancing recommendations (staying at least 6 feet from others) and other CDC recommendations to protect yourself and others.”

Though experts are spreading fear for the latest and scariest variant called Delta, they confess that the symptoms are identical to seasonal allergies.

The National File reported:

‘Experts in the United Kingdom have compared the symptoms of the COVID-19′ Delta Variant’ to that of hay fever and the common cold, according to various reports. The new strain has reportedly been the cause of 99% of all new COVID-19 cases in the UK. ‘The main symptoms of COVID-19 appear to have changed — with headaches and sore throats now more common than fevers and coughs, according to a warning by UK experts,’ noted the New York Post.”

National file CDC New York Post

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