Carlson Explains George Floyd’s Death

There has been a lot of misinformation in the media about George Floyd’s death. On Thursday, Tucker Carlson set the record straight.

“In the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, jury selection has begun. Chauvin is one of the officers suspected of killing George Floyd last Memorial Day in Minneapolis. On one hand, the trial is a local crime drama, one of many that are currently taking place. It is, however, incalculably more than that. George Floyd’s death had a profound and long-lasting effect on the United States. We were advised that George Floyd wasn’t just a regular guy. He represented every African-American in the United States.

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Derek Chauvin was much more than an officer. He was the symbol of America’s institutions in physical form. When Chauvin assassinated George Floyd, we were told that he was doing to one man what our country had done to all African-Americans. This was confirmed to us by a number of people.”

“I just want to say a few things about the terrible killing of George Floyd in Minnesota,” Joe Biden said. It sends a very strong message to the Black community and the lives of Black people who are threatened every day… They talk to a country where, all too often, the color of one’s skin puts one’s life in jeopardy… George Floyd’s final words spoke to a country where the colour of your skin determines your protection and future… I’m a Caucasian guy.

“George Floyd was murdered because he was Black,” Carlson continued. That’s exactly what they meant. They demanded that we believe it, and if you had any doubts, if you had any doubts about the truth of the case, you were just as guilty as the racist cop… Floyd’s death has been used to reshape how we live in this country, so that issue is important. We have something called “equity” since he died. Our politicians have enshrined open bias in virtually all of our institutions, from corporate hiring quotas to woke kindergarten lesson plans, under the guise of equality. Americans have been convinced that George Floyd’s death was a racial assassination and that they are to blame.


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