Candace Owens Wrote About Trump And Feminism On Twitter – Leftists’ Melt Down!!!

Feminists and leftists never collaborated this well.

Candace Owens is a crucial conservative commentator, but she also is the host of the show called “The Candace Owens Show.” She tweeted something that caused a meltdown in leftist on her Twitter account.

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She is a constant Trump supporter, and she tweeted about his speech against the Equality Act and the insanity of biological men dominating women’s sports.
Her tweet refers to Trump’s speech at CPAC, Orlando, Florida, where he said that the Equality Act is not suitable for women.

Candace Owens started her “Twitter career” after the initial tweet and attacked with another tweet saying that biological men don’t belong to women’s sports.
Further on, she supported Trump. Trump is a “feminist icon.”

Below you can see the tweet.

After her tweets, many people tried to humiliate her and her intelligence. A Twitter user shared Joe Rogan’s “Joe Rogan Experience,” where Candace Owens said she didn’t believe in climate change.

What Owens wrote is a pure truth. The left supporters of feminism is fake.

Feminism of the leftists is a lie!
They want to destroy the women’s existence. The left will do that by replacing the gender roles where women fit better than men with the idea that men and women can compete in any category they would like to pursue.
One study was done in December 2020 on the effects of gender-affirming hormones on transgender athletes.

From the results, we can conclude that:

“Transgender women retain their athletic edge for upwards of a year, with some even retaining their running abilities for 2 years. In a more anecdotal example, transgender mixed martial arts fighter Fallon Fox fractured the skull of their biologically female opponent, Ericka Newsome, in a 2014 fight.” – published The Western Journal.

Men dominate women in sports, and they broke records. Transgender men retain their athletic superiority after they change.

Lefts support the Equality Act’s hierarchy, and by that, they are destroying women’s sports!

The Western Journal YouTube Twitter

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