Candace Owens Court Battle Is Officially Over – Judge Hands Down Ruling, Orders the Loser to Pay Up

What’s Happening:

Over the years, Candace Owens has become a household name among conservative Americans. The firebrand has gone to war with many notable figures, calling out their crimes and hypocrisy. The conservative-leaning speaker isn’t even afraid to confront Republican candidates, even if that would cost her something.

And cost her something, it did. Owens raised the alarm in 2020 over a Republican running in a Baltimore district. This candidate gained attention after one of her political ads went viral. But Owens warned voters that this woman was not what she seemed. In response, this politician dragged Candace into court. But after a lengthy war, a judge is giving his verdict.

From Daily Wire:

Onetime Republican congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik’s defamation suit against Candace Owens was dismissed and she was ordered to pay the Daily Wire star $115,000 in legal fees Wednesday, ending a nearly 18-month-long battle that played out on social media and in court…

Owens leveled her claims on June 22, 2021 in a 44-minute Instagram video, warning conservatives that Klacik was not to be trusted. In a suit initially filed in Baltimore County and later moved to Tennessee, Klacik claimed Owens’ disclosures about her cost her lucrative financial opportunities, including a book deal and a contract with a “nationally recognized vendor,” the Baltimore Sun reported.

Candace Owens potentially shut down the political aspirations of Kimberly Klacik, who was running to flip a blue seat in Maryland. Klacik got attention after one of her campaign ads went viral. But Owens quickly threw water on her fire, saying Klacik wasn’t trustworthy.

Among the accusations Owens made, she said Klacik committed campaign fraud and money laundering. On top of that Owens said Klacik’s charity, Potential Me, was actually a scam. Klacik, who lost her bids for election, sued Owens for defamation.

The battle raged in court and on social media. But eventually, Klacik agreed to end her case against Owens. But the judge wasn’t finished. He dismissed the case and ruled that Klacik will have to pay Owens $115,000 in legal fees.

This is probably considered sweet justice for Owens, who is also a wife and mother. Sometimes, conservative journalists are pressured to protect candidates just because they are Republicans. There is the temptation not to report on the facts, in the hopes of getting more Republicans in office.

Democrats might do that in the MSM, but honest journalists refuse. Owens is known for making waves and stoking controversy, but she does not back down from a fight. And this victory will be seen as justification for her battle for truth against anyone, be they conservative or liberal.

Key Takeaways:

  • A judge dismissed a case against Candace Owens, ordering her opponent to pay $115,000 in legal fees.
  • Owens was sued by former Republican candidate Kimberly Klacik for defamation.
  • Owens accused Klacik of committing campaign fraud and money laundering.

Source: Daily Wire

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