Canadian ER Doctor Resigns Her Duty As A Protest For The Vaccine Mandates

Dr. Rochagne Kilian, an ER Doctor from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada that there were only two patients positive in the hospitals in 2020. For more than 18 months, people were hiding this secret.

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The staffers waited for C-19 patients to treat most of the time, but those patients never showed up.

Here’s the bigger story.

Grey Bruce Health Services Hospital in Ontario, Canada, after holding an online “Town Hall” meeting back in August, regarding staff and mandatory vaccinations, decided they’ll be needing more “pediatric” beds to handle the projected incoming of children suffering from COVID-19 because they were not vaccinated.

Dr. Rochagné Kilian, an ER doctor in Owen Sound, Ontario, was present at the online meeting.

She asked Mr. Sims, the CEO of Grey Bruce Health Services Hospitals, if there was data available at the hospital for her to look up all these cases of “unvaccinated” filling the hospital.

Mr. Sims said that the data was private, and not available to her, and basically just said people needed to trust him and the “experts” that they were giving reliable data.

hat’s when she figured something was very wrong.

And to conduct personal research.

And as a cherry on top – to resign her life-calling profession!

Sad – but true!


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