Canada In Panic Once Triple Vaccinated Have Higher C-19 Death Rate Than Unvaccinated!

Vaccine supporters panicked once they saw that the C-19 vaccines were killing people. Graphs show that the unvaccinated population is in better health condition to fight the virus than the triple vaccinated.

In December 2020, no one was vaccinated, so most would have been unvaccinated at the start of this data set.

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For the period 21st February to 13th March 2022, The Expose reported that triple vaccinated are most likely to catch C-19, be hospitalized, and die.

The virus has mutated to prefer to infect the vaccinated.

The immune system of the vaccinated is being compromised by repeated injections.

Both are probably happening.

A terrible characteristic of this trend is that you can have a rational debate about it with those who are making decisions about the pandemic policy.

The Expose did a survey, and they concluded,‘’ Any discussion of this nature is off-limits. A couple of days ago, I had a long conversation with a prominent pro-vaxxer in the USA, a microbiologist. It was precisely around the point above that our conversation stalled. Whilst the data is very clear, even to a layman, to a pro-vaxxer, it must be flawed, although they cannot say how. I am very open to the possibility of a public moderated scientific debate, but I am coming to the sad conclusion that this will not be offered. Without informed debate, we cannot claim to live in a civil society.’’

What’s happening in Canada?

Trudeau’s conversations with his mentor Klaus Schwab are terrifying.

Trudeau: Do you have a minute, something urgent has come up? You promised me that the pandemic would reduce the world’s population to ease famine, overcrowding, and the climate crisis. It is working, but the wrong people are being eradicated. My closest followers, the vaccinated masses, are dwindling.

Schwab: We are working hard to develop new variants in our bioweapon labs to rectify the situation……

This is of course pure fantasy and a stupid conspiracy theory circulating on the black web. A slur on the integrity of both men. The real conversation, recorded by Russian hackers went as follows:

Trudeau: You promised me that the AI cloned Epidemiologists, Virologists, and Public Health experts you sourced from the giant planet Fizzer circulating the super massive star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion would work properly. They have gone rogue. I want them sent back to Fizzer and restored to their factory settings of rationality. They should also be reprogrammed to enable communication with humans.

Schwab: I will contact NASA right away, Betelgeuse is 642.5 light years away. Let me see, today is April 1st, it might take a while……

The Daily Expose

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