Can You Guess The Link Between The Collapsed Buildings In Miami And John McAfee?!

McAfee’s ‘suicide’ was one of the strangest things this world has seen in this past month.

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The fact that he went public with the information about the Deep-state inside the USA is very opposite to the fact that this kind of person would have been afraid to face the authorities regarding his extradition and commit suicide. It just doesn’t fit in the story and in his personality trait!

“The reason that the government wanted to collect me was that after they had raided my property in 2012 in the jungle—shot my dog, abused me, destroyed a half-million dollars worth of my property over a bogus charge. I was pissed off. And so I donated to many secretaries within the government. Laptop computers, really nice ones, that were preloaded with viral spyware, within a week, the entire government computer system was under my control, I was watching, monitoring, listening. I was looking for information that they had set me up for that raid. I didn’t find that. I did find out that the minister of national defense was the largest drug trafficker in all of Central America and the minister of immigration, the largest human trafficker,” said McAfee in a February 2019 interview with Adult Swim presenter Jena Friedman.

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and now comes the revelation.

Just about a week ago, a building complex in Miami has crushed. Here are some more details, despite the fact that the government and the media are trying to blame the whole disaster on climate change!

“The condo was called Champlain Towers and was located at 8777 Collins Avenue, almost at the intersection of 88th Street, of a little town called Surfside, which is located in Miami-Dade County, a few miles north of Miami Beach. It turns out that fearing that something could happen to his life, last June 8, McAfee claimed that he had 31 terabytes of compromising Deep State files stored in… Can you guess where?

“If anything happens to me, please know that the 31TB of files I have are located on hard drives in my condo near 88th Street and Collins Avenue just north of Miami Beach.”×366.jpg×366.jpg


What a coincidence, huh?!


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