CAMERA ROLLING! Representative Rashida Tlaib Confesses The Reason She Wears A Mask – Just For Cameras!

While the mere mortals only wear masks because they’re obligated to… As well as the American kids, that are suffocating inside the classrooms each day, for over than 5 hours…

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This Wednesday, extreme radical Leftist Rashida Tlaib confessed she wears a mask not to combat the lethal COVID virus, but, she wears it just before the cameras.

To create a further illusion for the American nation that the political representatives of this country are convinced in the ideas they’re fighting for…

It is very disturbing and very offending towards all Americans, don’t you agree?

Oh, no, oh, not you!” Tlaib said to an attendee during an event in Detroit.

“No, no, no, I’m just wearing it because I’ve got a Republican tracker here,” Tlaib said, admitting the masks are only for the cameras.

Also, Politico reported that “COVID-19 experts are pushing back against President Joe Biden’s COVID booster shot campaign where he is trying to inject every American with a booster shot.”

A tense meeting between the COVID experts and Joe Biden was held on 27 September, on which the experts took a stance that the tense situation, created by the political administration of this country, shouldn’t be an excuse to force vaccination on the people. A vaccination, that among all other things, is proved not to work…

“The Sept. 27 call was originally planned for the week before. The White House abruptly rescheduled it after the CDC’s independent vaccine advisory committee recommended that the Pfizer-BioNTech booster be reserved for high-risk groups, including the elderly.

The rescheduled call was the tensest one to date, according to the three people with information on the talks. Fauci argued that the CDC committee’s stance — that science did not support giving boosters to all adults — was incorrect. And he dismissed suggestions that the administration had to choose between a broad U.S. booster campaign and donating vaccines to countries in need.

The president’s chief medical adviser also told the outside experts that boosters could, and should, be given widely to reduce the spread of the coronavirus rather than only to prevent severe disease or death.”


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