California’s Frontline Health Care Workers Protest The Mandatory Vaccines

Boycotts are rising as the deadline for the health workers to get fully vaccinated approaches in California…

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When they were needed the most, they were there. But now they are forced to get vaccinated, or to be kicked off their jobs!!!

What is this system doing to the people that were once holding it? It’s prudent, and it’s sad. It’s not a way to make progress!

According to The Epoch Times,

“On Aug. 21, California’s frontline health care workers held simultaneous protests in Riverside and Irvine against the government’s mandatory vaccination order at Kaiser Permanente-Riverside Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente Orange County-Irvine Medical Center.

Many protesters told The Epoch Times that their hospitals had given them an ultimatum: they had until Sept. 30 to choose between mandatory vaccination and getting fired.

The California Department of Public Health issued an announcement on Aug. 5 that workers in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care homes, and other healthcare-related fields must be vaccinated by Sept. 30.

Kristina, a registered nurse in California, said her hospital requires staff who are not vaccinated to be tested twice a week. “If we still don’t meet those criteria to have our exemption approved, then up on October 1 we’re going to be placed on 45 days unpaid administrative leave and after that, they said they don’t know what they’re going to do but we can assume what they’re going to do, we’re gonna get fired.”

As a health care worker who has been on the front lines during the outbreak, Kristina believes that mandatory vaccination policies are not for public safety, but are instead politically motivated. For example, people who oppose the mandate and fight for freedom of choice are labeled as “anti-vaccine” and “anti-science.”

“We’re super pro-science. We want people to survive this. We want this pandemic to end more than anybody does,” Kristina said. But as a health care professional, she said she needs to tell people that “it’s not as safe and effective that people are saying.”

“What is the point of getting the vaccine, if we’re still gonna spread it?” Kristina asked.

“I know that there have been a couple of studies that have come out [about] how the coronavirus spike proteins affect our cardiac cells, which makes a lot of sense because we’re having increases of myocardial infarctions, mild carditis, pericarditis, all of these heart issues,” she added.

On the other hand, a supporting proof is “the study published on BioRxiv last December by a team of Translational Health researchers from the University of Bristol, the capsid spike protein of the CCP virus by itself can trigger a chain reaction in human cardiac pericytes, leading to heart inflammation and cardiovascular cell damage. These findings suggest that mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which produces the spike protein when inside the human body, may elicit vascular cell dysfunction.”


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