Cable News Needs Donald Trump! Again Former President Was Right!

CNN and MSNBC ratings are dramatically low! Also, Fox News struggled with post-election drop because they betrayed the President. But, they somehow managed to remain stable.

If we compare where Fox was in August and where it is now, the numbers at this moment are incredibly low.
Here, you will see those numbers and the accurate Cable News picture.

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We can start from Fox News. From August to November 2020, Fox News reached its peak for Fox News programs from 4 pm, so on. But, at the moment, the numbers are drastically lower. The biggest disappointment faced Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. To be precise, Hannity lost 4,185,000 viewers, and Ingraham lost approximately five million.

I cannot believe, even Tucker Carlson faced a 40% loss if we compare the numbers from August 2020 and March 2021.

FNC Total Viewers (Live + SD x 1,000)

23-Aug 25-Mar Net Loss
Cavuto: Cavuto:
2192 1089 1103
Five: Five:
3772 2687 1085
Baier: Baier:
3256 1934 1322
MacCallum: Primetime:
3201 1673 1528
Carlson: Carlson:
5719 3138 2581
Hannity: Hannity:
6838 2653 4185
Dmcy2020: Ingraham:
7063 2128 4935
Ingraham: Bream:
4820 1131 3689

If we compare the numbers of Fox and CNN/MSNBC, we can see that FOX is far better than the rest of them, even though it is struggling compared to November last year. But, if we see the results from August-November 2020, we can see that these three programs were competitive. Sometimes, like in the case with Rachel Maddow, they were walloping Fox.

CNN Total Viewers (Live + SD x 1,000)

Tapper: Tapper:
2099 1011 1088
Blitzer: SitRoom:
2328 961 1367
Blitzer: SitRoom:
2241 768 1473
Burnett: Burnett:
2330 961 1369
AC360: Cooper:
2214 1015 1199
Cuomo: Cooper:
2252 890 1362
Lemon: Lemon:
1796 996 800
Tonight: Lemon:
1206 631 575

You can see on yourself that MSNBC’s results are terrible, just as CNN’s are. We can find only two exclusions, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell. Two comparisons are apparent, Maddow with Hannity and O’Donnell with Ingraham.

MSNBC Total Viewers (Live + SD x 1,000)

24-Nov 25-Mar Net Loss
Wallace: Deadline:
2475 1332 1143
Wallace: Deadline:
—- —-
Melber: Melber:
2439 1440 999
Reid: Reid:
2597 1454 1143
Hayes: Hayes:
2360 1667 693
Maddow: Maddow:
3465 3089 376
O’Donnell: O’Donnell:
2626 2051 575
Williams: Williams:
2378 1432 946

All in all, it is evident that Cable News experienced a tremendous decline, the 8 pm program has 4,055,000 fewer viewers, and 9 pm experienced a 4,162,000 viewer loss.

We don’t think that precisely this decline will make some changes in the future. CNN and MSNBC will regain their popularity with the George Floyd hearings during the day and with Donald Trump in the evening.

The Gateway Pundit Poynter

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