C-19 Shot Injuries reported As ICU Physician Exposed Shot’s Dangers!!!

Dr. Patricia Lee risked everything she had to step forward, once she was ignored by public health officials, to share the severe series of harms she saw from the vaccines in her intensive care unit.

We have 11 declarations from physicians across the country attesting to severe harms from C-19 vaccines.

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The physicians like Dr. Lee attempted to contact the CDC, FDA, and NIH for more than ten months only to be ignored. These agencies respond by saying that VAERS isn’t showing a safety signal, so there isn’t anything to worry about.

VAERS is the system that the CDC and the FDA cannot show as evidence for the vaccine’s injuries.

Many physicians were injured by the C-19 vaccine even though they were physicians. These physicians’ narrative is the same as Maddie De Gray’s one, who was told her condition was psychological.

“Only after seeking treatment from physicians that they knew from work or medical school were many of them believed. If physicians are dismissed as “making it up,” imagine what the average individual without medical knowledge and access must deal with after a COVID-19 vaccine injury.” Life Site News reported.

Health officials advise us to trust doctors and science. If people have concerns about the shots, they always say, ”speak with your doctor.”

The doctor tells us that there is a severe issue. Dr. Patricia Lee’s letter was shared with a few hundred subscribers.

Physicians have to be heard when their clinical experience opposes their messaging. The doctors are the last ones who want to confess that a C-19 vaccine caused their patients’ conditions.

They are the last ones to share something like this publicly.

The injuries people report are very real and devastating. The lesson yet again is that civil and individual rights shouldn’t be contingent upon a medical procedure.

Asking informed consent, allowing Americans to give or withhold consent without coercion, is the last backstop to the dangers that result when we permit the government to decide what must be placed inside the human body.

We aren’t exaggerating! People can’t sue the manufacturers for C-19 injuries; they can’t discuss the vaccine injuries on social media.

Below you can read the letter with Physician Declarations to CDC< FDA, and NIH!

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