C-19 Isn’t A Snake Venom! Snake Oil Salesperson Can Tell You That!

On April 11, 2022, a video titled ‘’Watch the Water’’ from Dr. Bryan Ardis went viral, where he stated that C-19 isn’t a virus but a snake venom.

It’s a sign of the times that a theory flawed and factually baseless should get much attention.

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After two years into the C-19 pandemic, the government and the Big Pharma companies are still lying about the virus. It isn’t a surprise that people in the US look for alternative sources of information. But also, the alternative sources may be found misinformation. In fact, most of the disinformation is there. You have to find the right sources.

Some people claim that 2+2=5, who connect unconnectable dots of data and draw faulty conclusions.

Ardis misrepresented what’s published in the scientific literature.

It wasn’t even very serious that the snakes were the origin of the C-19 virus.

Ardis probably doesn’t understand that action of cobra venom, which is the base of his argument. Cobra venom represents a cocktail of several different active proteins with multiple effects where alpha-neurotoxin is the primary component.

Ardis refers to the action of cobra venom on the brain, the neurotoxin. He stated that people die from respiratory failure and not from a lung infection and the inflammation it causes.

Dr. Ardis argues that cobra venom neurotoxin doesn’t act on the brain and doesn’t enter the brain. It blocks respiration peripherally, where the phrenic nerve meets the diaphragm muscle at the neuromuscular junction. He tried to buttress his snake venom theory by referring to a University of Arizona article titled: “Like Venom Coursing Through the Body: Researchers Identify Mechanism Driving COVID-19 Mortality.”

The actual article: “Group IIA secreted phospholipase A2 is associated with the pathobiology leading to COVID-19 mortality.”

Ardis misdirects! The article refers to snake venom indirectly that phospholipase A2 is an enzyme found in rattlesnake venom.

In the University of Arizona article, no suggestion was made that the elevated phospholipase A2 found in the C-19 patients is from snake venom.

The doctor didn’t give a precise explanation for human-to-human transmission of C-19, and there isn’t evidence that the snake venom may be passed between humans through the water supply, and that’s epidemiologically impossible.

Next, the theory that terrorists could distribute a biological toxin to a population through the water supply was created at Fort Detrick in the 1980s. The theory was implausible because of the dilution factor alone.

Watch the video below:



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