C-19 Compliance Inspector Refused Entry! The Manager Told Her This Bad News!

Staten Island bar manager found a C-19 compliance inspector off guard, once a member of the NYC Department of Health couldn’t shoot a vaccination proof, just as anyone else entered the premises.

Maggie Koronilian is the manager of the Big Nose Kate’s Saloon in Staten Island; She talked to the New York Post this Friday. She said that she had to expel the public employee from the establishment because of the incident where she couldn’t show the vaccination proof.

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“She said, ‘I’m here to do a COVID inspection,’’ and then she asked for the vaccination card. It’s the same procedure for all the people who enter.

“She just said, ‘No. That’s what I’m here checking for,’ and that she wasn’t there to stay and eat,” Koronilian said.
Koronilian thought that this was hypocritical of inspector Benedicta Opara, who presented her official DOH ID even though she didn’t show her vaccination proof.

“As she’s looking through the paperwork, I just looked at her, and I said, ‘You know, you’re not above the law,’” the manager said.

“She asked, ‘What law?’ and I pointed to the vaccination signs hung on the front of the bar and said, ‘This bulls***,’” Koronilian added.

“I have my notices on the door, so I am 100 percent in compliance and doing everything to the ‘T,’” she explained. “We’re not happy doing it, but we’re doing everything that’s required.”

“And that means that anybody that comes in — whether a customer or an inspector — has to follow the mandate,” she emphasized.

One spokesperson for the department said that the employees have to be vaccinated, so why Opara didn’t, she show her vaccination verification.

“I don’t understand how you’re coming here enforcing something and not cooperating with the very thing that you’re trying to enforce,” Koronilian said.

“We did not do this to get a media spotlight, show up city agents, or any other reason, some people have said. It was done because we feel if you are going to enforce these ridiculous mandates, then you must also follow these ridiculous mandates,” the bar shared on Friday.

“We are forced to follow them or risk hefty fines and losing licenses, and as a small family-owned business, we cannot afford to have any of that happen … We will continue to call out the hypocrisy when it comes to these government mandates.”

When the restaurants initially were opened in the pandemic, when we went to the eatery to pick up takeout, we didn’t have to wear masks, but those who were there to dine had to wear masks as they stood in the same lobby waiting for the hostess to give them a table.

The NYC health inspectors are probably protected from virus transmission, and we were saved the same way when taking our order.

The C-19 measures are funny!

If this all is about preventing the virus transmission, this employee had to show their vaccination card! However, we don’t know why she didn’t want to show it, maybe because she doesn’t have it or other reasons…

We are annoyed by these double standards!

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