Bye Bye Ellen! Vicious Mouth Got You This, Not a “Toxic Behavior On Set”!

Though Ellen played really sneaky and careful, and has a lot of powerful people watching her back – she apparently isn’t untouchable.

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Karma finally found her way and chased down mean lady Ellen “DeGeneric”. I mean, being a stand-up comedian or whatever she calls herself to be, doesn’t mean that you can treat your guests and every other person that comes in your way with the same “jokes” that are actually undermining the person and discovering juicy details from their personal lives, which can also be understood as an attack on the individuality and personal life.

Thus, her show suffered a massive fall in the ratings lately, which led to her finally quitting! The show will never ever be filmed again!
According to the report published by Enterteinment Weekly,

“Nielsen data shows Ellen viewership dropped by 1.1 million people this season, from 2.6 million viewers to 1.5 million viewers.

Those numbers account for a 43-percent decline in viewership, and more specifically, a 38-percent decline in viewership from her core demographic of adult women under 54.
The decline follows allegations that the show was a toxic workplace behind the scenes, including accusations of racism and sexual misconduct against producers. Warner Bros. investigated the complaints and uncovered “deficiencies,” leading to the firing of three high-level producers. DeGeneres apologized to staff privately before addressing the allegations on air when the show returned for its 18th season.”

That’s what you get with a vicious little mouth like that, spitting hellfire and nastiness all over the place. I’m personally really glad this “DeGeneric” will never be on TV again, since I’ve never liked her show, and never thought that she is a person to put up the standards other people should live by.

What’s your personal opinion?


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