BUSTED: Liberal Lawmaker Arrested, Georgia Gov. Signed Election Reform Bill

Finally – the judicial system to turn against those Democrats!

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Protestors were “hanging out” outside the Georgia Capitol, as a sign of revolt for kemp’s signing of the legislation of a Republican-controlled measure.

Some of the media referred to the legislation as the “election restrictions bill,” because it shortens the timeline for Georgians to vote by mail, while at the same time granting the legislature more “control over how elections are run.”

However, Governor Kemp explained for the media that the legislation is actually about  “expanding the right to vote,” remarking that it adds “days of early voting on the weekends.” He said the bill also “further secures our absentee ballots by mail by requiring a photo I.D., which the vast majority of Georgians support.”

“The bill would expand early voting for primary and general elections, but not for runoffs, which is how Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock secured their Senate seats — and the Democrats’ majority — in January, breaking a decades-long streak of Democrats losing in statewide runoff elections.”

“The legislation also requires that ballot drop boxes be secure, and may only be inside advance voting locations during business hours.”

That, obviously, made the Democrats in the state quite furious, and some of them even tried confronting the Governor directly. One of them even ended up “leaving” the Capitol –  in the back of a police vehicle!

Video footage even shows Representative Park Cannon, an Atlanta Democrat, knocking at the door of Kemp’s office, after which she gets arrested and escorted in a police vehicle.



The protesters continue their yelling, shouting, and taunting after he escorts Cannon outside.

Isn’t it outrageous how the “quiet” protests of the Democrats are allowed????


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