FDA Broke Pfizer’s EUA Shield – The Liability Protection Is GONE

It’s time to unleash the real intel and bring down the cavel.

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Biotech analyst Karen Kingston joined the Stew Peters Show to reveal ground-breaking information that she uncovered while researching the reports from Pfizer and Moderna on the SEC site. Uncovering contracts between Pfizer, Jansen, and Moderna with the U.S. Military.

“Kingston’s findings were astounding. She discovered that there are three contracts totalling $3.5 Billion dollars dedicated to the development of the Covid-19 Vaccines, with a “test manufacturing run” of 100 million shots for each contract, some of these contracts can be traced all the way back to 2016,” reports have stated.

Kingston elaborated that “this explains why there was a fairly ‘even amount’ of side effects across the Moderna and placebo groups and why Americans were shocked at the serious adverse events that came from the mRNA shots when they were released.”

“Sue the ever-loving hell out of these people, they’re taking your lives away from you, they’re taking your livelihoods away from you, they’re killing your friends, your family, they’re killing your loved ones, they’re coming after your kids with this, they’re depleting our military, sue the ever-loving hell out of them, and then indict them, try them, a fry now,” Stew Peters told Karen. “Indict, try, fry, that’s what everybody needs to be screaming right now.”

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