Britney Spears just Hinted That She’s Ready to Spill Every Dirty Hollywood Secret…

Britney Spears is currently at a critical juncture in her career.

She’s gotten to the stage where she can practically blow the roof off Hollywood.

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And she has one extremely dear buddy who is always there for her.

A-lister in Hollywood For Britney Spears, Rose McGowan is going all out.

Spears is fighting to get free of the current “conservatorship” that she has been subjected to for more than a decade.

Spears revealed the “abusive” nature of the conservatorship that her father, 68-year-old James Parnell Spears, controls during her recent court appearance.

In 2008, James Spears was granted guardianship over Britney’s whole life and all of her assets.

Spears claimed in court that she was forced to use birth control so she couldn’t have another kid, that she was forced to take lithium after disagreeing with dancing technique, and that she was compelled to do concert tours.

McGowan, the lady who initially exposed known predator Harvey Weinstein, is a staunch supporter of Brittney.

McGowen actually spoke out in support of Spears on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Spears, according to McGown, is preparing to “blow the lid” off the “Hollywood rot.”

The following is a link to a video:

Birtney is asking the court not only to end her conservatorship, but also to allow her to undertake a public tell-all interview in order to expose those involved in her case.


Britney is clearly itching to spill all of the filthy secrets that are still circulating around Hollywood.

The question now is whether or not the powers-that-be will enable her to do so.


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