Brit Hume Drops the Forbidden “S-Word” After Seeing a Disturbing Biden Clip

At this point, it’s evident that Biden is dealing with major mental health concerns.

This is no longer a far-right conspiracy idea, as many in the media, including the mild-mannered Brit Hume, have admitted.

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Now, Hume isn’t known for making off-the-cuff remarks, so the fact that he used the “S” word – “senile” – after seeing Biden’s CNN Town Hall performance says a lot.

And it isn’t expressing anything “positive” about Biden.

But, more crucially, it isn’t saying anything positive about America, which is the most essential thing here.

“Just certain answers that, while the media didn’t make a huge deal out of them, made you scratch your head,” Baier continued.

The second soundbite, from town hall, was “quite dramatic,” according to Hume, since “the man obviously had lost his train of thought and couldn’t recover it and stuttered around for a little while.”

“These are symptoms of senility,” he explained, “which is very frequent in the elderly.” And, like me, Biden is a senior citizen.”

Earlier in the episode, Baier and Hume examined Biden’s dwindling poll numbers on hope for the country’s future. “Look at the President’s approval rating on certain subjects, 45 hopeful, 55 pessimistic,” Baier observed. “On COVID, he has a 63 percent approval rating, but crime, gun violence, and immigration are all in the low 30s.”

Recalling those figures, Hume speculated that Biden’s gaffes were conspiring to stifle the public’s hope.

“And I can’t think that people who see that aren’t already committed to him in one way or another, or who aren’t already committed against him, don’t find that disturbing. That, you know, at a time when their concerns are growing and polls is indicating an increase in pessimism in the country,” he remarked.

“They observe the president of the United States losing his train of thought and unable to respond to a question in a coherent manner,” he adds. People are disturbed by it, and it makes them wonder about the future.”

There’s no denying that Biden is in desperate need of assistance.

He’s fundamentally inept, which his Handlers must adore because it gives them complete control over both the situation and the outcome.

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