BREAKING: US Postal Service Doesn’t Want To Release The Report On Whistleblower Truck Driver Who Hauled 288,000 Suspicious Ballots Across State Lines!

Pennsylvania Attorney Tom King stated that the US Postal Service doesn’t want to release the report from its investigation of the semi-trailed full of ballots that went missing before the 2020 Election in the state.

The PA Supreme Court has to rule on election cases involving dominion machines used in Fulton County, Pennsylvania.

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Joe Hoft talked to Tom King from Pennsylvania. He is from a family rich in history with the GOP and assists Fulton County in a couple of court cases related to the 2020 Election.

Torn shared his bombshell revelation on the status of the USPS truck driver and whistleblower who reported to authorities that he dropped off a trailer full of ballots in Pennsylvania before the 2020 election.

Jesse Morgan, the truck driver who moved mail for the US Postal Service and who came out after the election, shared his story of how he hauled tens of thousands of ballots from NY to Pennsylvania before the 2020 Election.

Tom King spoke about the current status of this matter.

‘’ I was involved in that case, and we worked directly with the US Attorney Bill McSwain, who is now a candidate for governor… We got the truck driver over to the FBI offices in DC, and to date, we have met nothing but resistance from the postal authorities to release the report done by the postal police and the FBI. We’re close to getting it, but that’s still unresolved as I speak to you today…

… We provided Jesse with legal counsel for the interview with the FBI… We not only cooperated fully, but I spoke on numerous occasions with Bill McSwain, the state’s attorney appointed by President Trump for the Eastern a portion of Pennsylvania.’’

McSwain lettered Trump after the 2020 election, expressing his challenges in investigating the election fraud because of Bill Barr.

King added ‘’Here we sit in April of 2022, and we still don’t have the report. We’re pursuing it, and we’re going to get it eventually.’’

‘’ King then continued and reported on lawsuits involving Fulton County and the state of PA. One case where the county issuing the state is still with the Supreme Court.

The PA Secretary of the Commonwealth decertified the two election machines after the county performed an audit after the 2020 Election. The state did this without looking at the machines. The machines were never touched by the auditors. Instead, the auditors did their work based on a copy of the machines provided by the county.

Tom mentioned the county has only two machines, and one wasn’t even used in the election, but the state decertified both the machines when it heard about the county’s audit. The state then asked the county to pay for new machines. When this occurred, the county sued the state. This case is with the Supreme court and has yet to be settled.’’ TGP reported.

The Supreme Court in the state allowed Dominion to join the state in trying to prevent a forensic audit of the two machines in Fulton County.

Watch the full interview with King in the video below:


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