BREAKING: Trump to Visit Border Midst Biden’s Border Crisis

As the Biden border crisis worsens, former President Donald Trump’s aide Jason Miller says the former president could visit the southern border “soon.”

On Twitter, Disclose TV posted, “JUST IN – Trump can visit the Mexican border’soon’ amid the border crisis,” according to former president’s aide Jason Miller.

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The development is good news for Trump supporters because it proves that former President Trump intends to remain in politics and might even run for office again.

The Biden border situation is worsening, and the new President seems to feel it’s just a huge joke. During his first press conference as president, Joe Biden told reporters that he “should be flattered” by the current migrant influx because they think he is a “good guy.”

After softball reporter and radical left-wing PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor fawned over Biden, calling him a reasonable and decent man, Biden made the bizarre remark.

She inquired, “How can you overcome the conflict, and how do you choose which families should stay?”

“I think I should be flattered,” Biden said, “because people are coming because I’m a good person, and that’s why this is happening.”

Here’s the video:

“Does anybody believe that the 31 percent rise occurred because Trump was a good guy? They aren’t coming for that reason.” After that, Biden made a point.

The current situation at the border is so bad that the border patrol is on track to set a new monthly record for the number of illegal border crossers encountered.


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