BREAKING: Trump Supporters Categorized As “Racist” At Illegal Assembly! Police Haul Man Away In SUV

Huntington Beach, California, is the place of a tense confrontation among protesters attending an April 11 “White Lives matter” and more than a hundred reported Antifa and BLM counter-protesters who appeared expecting Ku Klux Klan.

The police were outnumbered by Antifa and BLM activists, and they had to intervene and haul away Trump’s supporters and purported “white nationalists” in an SUV. According to the Orange County Register, more than 500 protesters were at the rallies’ peak.

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The Orange County Register shared:

“Around 1:30 p.m., a group of several dozen protesters began arriving in the area. They did not carry signs or chant, but many of them began confronting the Black Lives Matter demonstrators,”

“The newly arriving demonstrators, who mainly came in pairs or small groups, quickly confronted protesters who had set up on the north side of PCH,”

“Some were clad in dark t-shirts with an American flag, others in Trump gear. Arguments, and violence, quickly ensued.”

“Shortly after 2:30 p.m., police declared an unlawful assembly at the nearby 5th Street and Walnut Avenue intersection in an attempt to disperse what law enforcement officials described as an unruly crowd,”

The Daily Mail stated that the police had to take action, so they removed the Trump supporters. We can see the “Don’t Tread on Me” flags in the crowd from the video.

Below you can see one video from the man with that flag.

The Daily Mail reported:

“The Orange County Register reported that a man and a teenager who waved the flags were chased around an intersection by protesters – and then were surrounded,”

“Police rode into the crowd on horseback to scoop up the men and took them away in an SUV.”
Then, a man in an Army cowl ran towards the BLM-Antifa crowd, and he was yelling “white lives matter” and “this is America.”

Precisely those words created a dangerous standoff among Antifa and that man, and the police stopped it.

According To Tomas Morales, the incident happened around 2 p.m. He shared more info about the incident that shows it may have been a plan.

The rally was categorized as “unlawful assembly” and was shut down.

One NPR reporter shared some critical context that the radical counter-protesters surpassed the number of White Lives Matter protesters.


On the scene, police helicopters appeared. The police arrested two counter-protesters. One is an Antifa member, and the other was only a Black male.

The second one was arrested because he used amplified sound illegally.


The social media activists emphasized that there were more counter-protesters than WLM supporters.


However, the Daily Mail reported that the event was organized in suspicious circumstances.

“The rallies around the country had been organized by ultra-right wing groups that had called for April 11 to be a national day of ‘White Lives Matter,'”

“Investigators have not been successful in determining who exactly organized the events, which were advertised via social media.”

“The rally also comes after fliers with KKK propaganda were delivered to homes in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Long Beach, according to the LA Times,”

“However, police do not believe that the same people are responsible for the fliers and the rally.”

The combination of the Daily Mail report and the LA Times report identifies few possible right-wing extremists in the White Lives Matter event throughout the country.

One man pulled a “Nazi salute” close to the Trump Tower. But, now everyone wears masks, so we cannot know if these actors are sincere activists or some political plants.

The real irony is that Huntington Beach was classified as an “unlawful assembly,” but the BLM and Antifa were allowed to make chaos on the streets.

Moreover, “white nationalists” and some Trump supporters appeared with a message that doesn’t suit the prevailing culture. That is why it was immediately declared an “unlawful assembly.”


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