BREAKING: Timothy Dixon’s Prophecy “Just A Few Short Days….”

I know that you like the post that I share with you, and I know that we all want to hear what Timothy Dixon has to tell us about the U.S.

Firstly, This guy is humble, and he isn’t showy or looking for fame/fortune.

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Secondly, all the things that he’s said until now occurred, and they happened very quickly.

Many people focus on the things he releases, and today he said something extraordinary.

People predict numerous things, but what Timothy Dixon said was the most powerful and urgent!

According to his predictions, we are just a few days separated from it!

What is it about?

Well, it isn’t only one thing, you know… He has an entire list!

We’ll share our summary, but you have to focus on the things he said.

The hour is now upon you.

The evil on this country will be exposed, the deceit will be exposed.

They thought they got away with it all, done in dark places, but it will ALL be exposed.

The wealth of the wicked will soon be destroyed.

The ax will be laid to their roots.

The time is now.

It will be a GREAT shaking unlike anything you have seen.

The Media will be toppled for their role…the LORD will cause it to fall.

Calamities are coming on all governments….to know the LORD is doing this.

Italy will be shaken and split in two for its role.

And for the evil in the Vatican and beneath the surface of the Vatican.

It will all be brought into the open.

Land in Italy will be sold for nothing because of the shaking that is coming.

A plague is coming on the wicked.

The day will come all at once…with the stroke of a pen.

I am headed down to Florida, says the LORD, to bring back the one I have chosen!

You can watch the video on Rumble!

Also, you can see the top comments.

YouTube also backed us up!

Rumble YouTube N Opera News Q Research

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