BREAKING: Third Grader Has To Remove ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Mask

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Biden administration’s chief medical officer and the country’s lead immunologist, was grilled by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Thursday about when Americans will resume living normal, 2019-era lives.

That is, when will Americans a) remove their silly masks; b) be able to assemble openly and in any number; and c) be able to exercise all of our constitutional rights, such as gathering to worship or to petition the government?

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“Can you tell me what time it is? “What time is it?” Jordan pressed the issue. “When can Americans regain their independence?”

Jordan got the closest to a ‘specific’ response during the five-minute exchange when Fauci replied, “When we get the level of infection in this country low enough.”

The Ohio Republican went on to say that every hour that Americans are subjected to COVID limits, the Constitution suffers irreversible harm.

“I understand how serious it is when businesses are closed, people are unable to attend church, and people are unable to gather in their own homes… People are unable to attend a loved one’s funeral or to lobby their government for redress of their grievances.

What was Fauci’s retort? “Congressman Jordan, I don’t see this as a liberty issue.”

Yes, I agree. That’s it.

When it comes to rights, freedoms, and COVID standards including mask-wearing, a third-grade girl was recently ordered to remove hers because it included the dangerous and seditious word “Jesus.”

Caleb Parke, a writer for, stated:

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is fighting for a third-grade girl’s right to attend school wearing a “Jesus Loves Me” face mask.

Lydia Booth was singled out by the school district in October, according to Tyson Langhofer, ADF senior counsel, who told the Todd Starnes Radio Show Thursday that the school district engaged in “viewpoint discrimination” by singling her out while allowing other students to wear “Black Lives Matter” masks.

“We are ecstatic about our baby. She wanted to share her faith with others. We felt compelled to defend her when she was told she couldn’t share her religion, as if she were a second-class citizen for wanting to express a religious message while others wanted to express a secular message,” the girl’s parents told the ADF.

The incident allegedly occurred on Oct. 13 at Simpson Central School, where the principal took her aside and told her she couldn’t wear the mask any longer, despite the fact that she’d already worn it many times, while the aspiring young Marxist cultists were permitted to do so.

Since the mask had words written on it, Jennifer Booth, the girl’s mother, was told that it was a breach of school policy. However, since Booth is literate and can read the school’s policy, he found that part — the “no words on masks” part — was missing.

Ms. Booth was then told by the school’s superintendent that the mask was in violation of the school’s other clothing policy, which stated that nothing children wear should include political, religious, or other “inappropriate” symbols.

Yes, school officials get to determine what is ‘inappropriate’ or not ‘political,’ as in the case of allowing BLM masks.

“Apparently they believe religious messages in class or in schools are inappropriate,” Langhofer said, “but they permitted other masks with all sorts of of messages on it.” “If you let others write messages on their masks, you have to let people write religious messages on their masks.”


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