[BREAKING] The Names Of The Three Republicans Who Supported The Equality Act With Their Votes!!!

On Thursday afternoon in the House of Representatives, together with the Democrats, three Republicans voted to pass the Equality Act!!!

This act will affect abortion, marriage, family, gender, sports, and many other subjects!

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The Equality Act’s voting resulted in 224-206 for passing it!!! They imported this act (1964 Civil Rights Act) to avoid “discrimination on the sex basis, gender identity, and sexual orientation.” 

Three Republicans supported the Democrats and helped in favor of the act!

Below you have the three Representatives’ names who support the Equality Act! 

  1. Pennsylvania Representative Brian Fitzpatrick 
  2. New York Representative John Katko 
  3. New York Representative Tom Reed 

Regarding the bill’s text in accordance with the individual’s gender identity – no one’s access to a shared facility (restroom, a locker room, and dressing room) can be denied. 

In 2019 voting for this act to pass, 8 Republicans voted in favor of the act. Those Republicans were: 

  1. Indiana Representative Susan Brooks 
  2. Florida Representative Mario Diaz-Balart 
  3. Pennsylvania Representative Brian Fitzpatrick 
  4. Texas Representative Will Hurd 
  5. Oregon Representative Greg Walden 
  6. New York Representative John Katko, 
  7. Tom Reed, and
  8. Elise Stefanik

After the result (224-206), the legislation will go to the Senate, where it needs 60 votes to prevent a filibuster. 

Joe Biden said he would pass the Equality Act in the first 100 days of his mandate! 

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