BREAKING: The FDA Committee Members Are DIRECTLY Tied to Pfizer!

And they plan to approve the Pfizer f=vaccine for kids!

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Stew Peters has the absolutely BEST and outrageous sources, and I am really curious about where did this guy come out from? Where was he hiding? How can he be tied to all the best sources and stories (that are also proven to be 100% true!)

Anyways, here’s the latest scandal directly connected to the Pharma Giant Pfizer and its worldwide monopoly.

“We’re in the COVID vaccine death spiral, the one we knew was coming as soon as the left decided that only zero Covid cases will be sufficient to return life to normal. Well, Covid-19 is never going away, so they’re just going to be insane forever.

There’s an advice letter that just ran on the liberal website In it, a mother describes returning home to discover her daughter hanging out with a friend, sitting on the same couch and not wearing masks, eating from the same bowl of chips. In other words, living the way children have lived throughout all of history. But this was in flagrant violation of her parents’ order to stay five feet away and masked at all times, to protect themselves from a virus that poses statistically zero risk to healthy children.”

“How did the parent respond? By locking her child in her room for two weeks. That’s not health and safety. It’s child abuse, and mentally ill liberals are committing it every single day.

But that’s not the child abuse that authorities are investigating. Instead, child protective services are being summoned to investigate parents who keep their children home from schools that are mandating vaccines or pursuing insane safety protocols. Parents are losing custody of their children because they object to vaccines, or because they haven’t been vaccinated themselves.

And now, they want to make child abuse a national policy. The FDA advisory committee is holding a meeting today to discuss authorizing the Pfizer vaccine for children. Now, keep in mind, there is zero actual value to giving this vaccine to children. Pretty much zero children get seriously ill from Covid. They’re genuinely at more risk from the side effects of the vaccine.”

What is your personal opinion on this tyranny?


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