BREAKING: Seven Sharks Surround Women on Floatie

At a Florida beach, a group of seven sharks surrounded three people who were floating on a board.

Lacey Faciane, Casie Thompson, and Qyuston Eubanks were in a yellow inflatable lilo at Pensacola Beach for Memorial Day weekend when they heard others chanting “Shark!”

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“One group of boaters would cry shark, then the next set of boaters would cry shark, and that was just the way it was. So they were right up on us by the time they got to us,” Faciane recalled.

The women estimated that some of the sharks were up to 8 feet long, and they were fortunate that the shark only circled a few times before moving on to deeper seas.

“Lord, protect us!” I exclaimed. It’s time for us to leave if it’s time for us to leave. Eubanks told WALA, “Just protect us.”

The three-person crew had no choice but to wait for the sharks to go.

“They were right on the beach,” says the narrator. “I mean, we were in knee- to waist-deep water, so they were right up on the beach,” Faciane explained.

According to one of them, the near encounter was both frightening and exciting.

Thompson added, “It’s pretty rare to have a group of hammerheads simply swim by you, so it’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

While some hammerhead sharks are dangerous and will attack humans without warning, others are more friendly.

According to the Florida Museum, just 16 unprovoked hammerhead shark attacks have been documented globally, and none of them have been fatal.

According to the Florida Museum, there were 33 shark attacks in the United States in 2020, with 16 of them occurring in Florida.


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