BREAKING: Secret Vaccine Contracts Expose How Pfizer Used The Situation To Maximize Profits

Public Citizen exposed how Pfizer, through secret contracts, used its monopoly on COVID vaccines to extract concessions from ‘desperate’ governments.

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Recent numerous articles reported that Pfizer used its position as a producer of one of the leading COVID-19 vaccines to “silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk, and maximize profits” through secret contracts with countries around the world.

“Behind closed doors, Pfizer wields its power to extract a series of concerning concessions from governments,” the author of the original report published by Public Citizen, Zain Rizvi, said in a statement. “The global community cannot allow pharmaceutical corporations to keep calling the shots.”

Furthermore, “Public Citizen obtained unredacted term sheets, drafts or final agreements between Pfizer and Albania, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, the European Commission, and Peru. The consumer rights advocacy group also examined redacted contracts with Chile, the U.S., and the U.K.

Based on those contracts, the report identifies six tactics Pfizer is using to serve the company rather than public health in the midst of a deadly pandemic.”

Pfizer reserves the right to silence governments

I will give you an example with the Brazilian government and Pfizer.

The Brazilian government complained earlier this year that the company insisted on “unfair and abusive” terms but ultimately accepted a contract that “waived sovereign immunity; imposed no penalties on Pfizer for late deliveries; agreed to resolve disputes under a secret private arbitration under the laws of New York; and broadly indemnified Pfizer for civil claims.”

Pfizer ALSO controls donations

Brazil is barred from “donating, distributing, exporting, or otherwise transporting the vaccine outside Brazil without Pfizer’s permission.”

Pfizer secured an “IP waiver” for itself

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla “has emerged as a strident defender of intellectual property in the pandemic.”

“But, in several contracts, Pfizer seems to recognize the risk posed by the intellectual property to vaccine development, manufacturing, and sale,” Public Citizen explains. “The contracts shift responsibility for any intellectual property infringement that Pfizer might commit to the government purchasers. As a result, under the contract, Pfizer can use anyone’s intellectual property it pleases — largely without consequence.”

In response to Public Citizen’s report, Sharon Castillo, a spokesperson for Pfizer, told The Washington Post that confidentiality clauses were “standard in commercial contracts” and “intended to help build trust between the parties, as well as protect the confidential commercial information exchanged during negotiations and included in final contracts.”

Castillo also said that “Pfizer has not interfered and has absolutely no intention of interfering with any country’s diplomatic, military, or culturally significant assets,” adding that “to suggest anything to the contrary is irresponsible and misleading.”

As I mentioned previously, it was NEVER about any scientific research and progress, never about the health, but always about money and domination!


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