BREAKING: Pastor Hank Kunneman Won’t Back Down! ‘’I Will Give You Back Your White House!’’

Many of you reminded me of Hank Kunneman, but we were too busy so that we couldn’t cover him adequately!
Today is April 25, 2021, and Pastor Hank didn’t change his announcement about what Got told him about Trump.

In November 2020, God told him that Trump would be back! Trump win/won! And now, probably he is right.

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We have a lot to say on this topic.

He’s amazing! Below is one video from April 18, 2021, and it’s the latest from the pastor.

According to Hank, many preachers have lost their boldness. But, Pastor Hank isn’t among them. He’s right.

It is happening because they are very concerned about ‘’political correctness’’ or are worried about being pandering to the BLM crowd or the LGBT supporters.

Very sad.

But, there’s one proverb: when the boldness left the pulpit in many places, it flowed out to other spots.

Maybe it is not a proverb, but it is true.

And this is the proof.

When we started the True Defender website, our vision was to share the truth with people.

Pastor Hank, we want to hear another show!

We want another from your authentic interviews so that everyone can hear you.

Everyone is interested in one particular part of the interview, the change of our currency US Dollar, and that ‘’some will be immediately given wrath to finance the harvest.’’

That is interesting because Bo Polny said the same thing a few days ago.

Massive changes will occur soon.

We are delighted to receive a confirmation from Pastor Hank.

Below you can watch the YouTube backup.

If you missed it, below, we share with you the Kunneman’s worship clip, the best of all times.

And YouTube backed it up!

If you believe in Pastor Hank’s words, please share this with your family and friends.

What do you think? Will good things follow soon?

We read all the comments, so share your opinion there.

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