BREAKING NEWS! WE CAME ACROSS THEM AGAIN: New Evidence Suggests That The PA and GA Colluded to Steal The 2020 Election

We obtained a report indicating what looks to be a concerted effort between the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia in reporting election results in 2020. The timestamps of revisions to the 2020 Election results in these two states are just too close to be coincidental.
The graph below compares the Presidential election outcomes for Pennsylvania and Georgia in 2020. The analysis shows tabulations in the election that are far too important, according to a review based on Edison data released after the election.

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The results of the Presidential election for each state are shown in the graph below.

Following that, the investigation pinpointed some crucial moments in the election counting process. These times were recorded using the UTC time zone, which is the time zone utilized in the Edison data, by date, hour, and minute. (For example, 4d 07:41:48 denotes November 4th at 7:41:48 a.m. UTC.) The analysis found the following key times:


The report then provides these similar timestamps, which in most cases are merely minutes apart between states. The graph demonstrates that there was little activity reported in the time intervals between timestamps A and B, C and D, and E and F, which was unusual. This suggests that the elections in Pennsylvania and Georgia may have been planned in advance.

Furthermore, the gaps between A and B, C and D, and E and F remain unexplained. Why was there a reporting pause for these time periods that all happened at the same time? Was there any reporting cooperation going on?

Finally, we should mention that President Trump’s lead was eventually overturned at the timestamp F above. Biden took the lead at that point. After Biden took the lead (after timestamp F), additional 12,600 ballots were counted in Georgia, and practically every batch of ballots was recorded with the same % of votes going to Biden and Trump.

Furthermore, we noticed that Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania at timestamp F. From that point forward, all of Pennsylvania’s ballot batches were recorded at virtually the same ratio, giving Biden the same share of the vote (50 percent for Biden to 49 percent for President Trump). Another 60,600 votes were cast in Pennsylvania.


In conclusion, despite the fact that these state election bodies are theoretically independent, the facts reveal that their counting techniques are clearly coordinated. It indicates that someone or something had control over both state voting systems and could conceivably manipulate the vote to favor one candidate over another.
Georgia and Pennsylvania should conduct audits of their voting systems and all ballots to guarantee that the ballot chain of custody has not been broken and that the results only reflect legal ballots.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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