BREAKING NEWS: Vernon Jones Rips Up Leftist AZ Reporter! NEXT QUESTION [WATCH]

Former Georgia Representative Vernon Jones, with Bernard Kerick former, NYPD Commissioner, visited the legendary Arizona Audit process.

They absolutely destroyed one AZ far-left reporter on their press in front of the audit center.

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Rep. Jones is now running for Governor of GA to take Gov. Brian Kemp’s place and to asinine Stacey Abrams.

Bernard Kerik is a former NYPD Commissioner during the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and helped America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the AZ election hearing from last November.

After the examination of the audit process, Jones and Kerik hold a press briefing. One far-left AZ reporter Jon Fifield asked one question and almost started crying once she got roasted for asking biased and stupid questions.

Jones: Why did you ask me who’s funding it then?

Fifield: I was setting up my question.

Jones: So let me say this whoever’s funding it, is it taxpayer’s dollars? Have you done your research?

Fifield: There is $150k coming from taxpayer money.

Jones: Taxpayers. So private money is private money. They can do what they want. Have they broken the law?

Fifield: I do not

Jones: Ma’am I’m just asking you have private investors who invested in this, have they broken the law?

Fifield: *Looks at Christina Bobb*

Jones: No don’t look at her, look right here. have they broken the law? all I’m asking ma’am I want to be very respectful, here is my question, when you mention who’s funding this audit if it’s private dollars is that illegal?

Fifield: If Private money is paying for a public audit, I don’t know if that breaks any laws or not.

Jones: If private money paying for a public audit? Next question.

Many other observers disapprove of the narrative that the process is anything but secure, transparent, and constitutional. Vernon asked some excellent questions of those who are suspicious of the process.

Why the Dominion or Dems aren’t observing the process? Are they afraid of something?

Watch the video below.

And now you can watch the legendary move of Vernon Jones.

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